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festival in Ben Tre coconu
Westerners bewitching culinary origin Coconut
In the framework of the festival in Ben Tre coconut (from 7 to 13/4), many visitors who have holidays in Vietnam, enjoyed enjoy dishes like coconut bread coconut leaves, cloves roasted coconut chips... In particular, Western visitors fascinated the first time to try unique dishes from coconut.
New Light, Group 6 traveler "phượt" genuine farmers from the district Reeds (Dong Thap) on motorcycles to Ben Tre coconut opportunity to attend the festival. The first point is the union had "space coconut" which showcases the products and dozens of coconut cuisine. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai said: "Normally at home as well as cakes coconut leaf spots to eat delicious, but so strange. From 2 am feeding dish and would try out new dishes here. "According to her baby two, now modern times some rustic dish was lost and very rare as leaf vegetables apricot cake dotted with coconut juice, coconut chips, cakes silk, coconut cake... so few people come here to enjoy remember the old flavor.
In addition, culinary festival with over 50 booths of 30 participating institutions and hundreds of delicious dishes of origin Coconut Footbinding visitors such as coconut steamed clams, snails fried coconut, coconut fried shrimp, old fashioned coconut salad...
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