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Vetguru You should be careful in feeding your dog with human food
Vetguru is where you could find any information related to raising a dog such as a diet requirement, healthcare, training guidance. Every type of dog needs a special diet to help them fully grow-up and prevent potential disease. However, on the market today, there are many dog food labels which makes the dog owner confused in choosing the best dog food. Every type of dog food contains a different ingredient, therefore, it provides your pet with different amounts of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. That’s why you need expert reviews to smartly feed your dog.

Before commercial pet food entered the market, many dogs and cats lived on the scraps leftover from human's meals. This trend was developed from 2007 after thousands of dogs died from eating melamine-contaminated food. While the benefit of knowing exactly what your dog is eating, the reality is some human food isn't good for a dog to eat. So before feeding your dog with leftovers from your daily meal, you need to have a foundation on which one is safe for your dog.

The benefit of feeding your dog with human food

By providing a fresh food diet for your dog, you are helping in increasing your dog’s health and preventing toxic industrial food. Therefore, your dog’s lifespan is considered to increase.

Some commercial dog food is good because it is designed specifically for a dog’s digestive tracts. However, some dry dog food actually contains a large number of artificial ingredients that have a bad impact on the dog’s digestive system. For example, knowing that salmon is good for improving the dog’s health, but with little knowledge, it is difficult to find out which is the best salmon dog food to choose from various brands. Therefore, you could choose to feed your dog with real salmon instead. With this fresh dog food, your furry friend fresh is much easier to digest.
There are some foods that you should not feed your dogs. It includes chocolate, coffee, foods containing Xylitol, grapes and raisins, onions, garlic, high sodium foods, including bacon. So, it is better to know what is in human food before giving them to your pet. If you don't know exactly what's in the restaurant leftovers you brought home, you could unknowingly hurt your dogs.

Dogs aren't as good at regulating the amount of food that they eat. Many dogs will keep eating until they become sick, so it is important that you watch their meals and calories.

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