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Top reasons why people should learn Italian language
Did you know that Italian is one of the most studied languages in the world? People study the language for its rich culture, heritage, cuisine as well as for the simple pleasure of knowing a foreign language. If you know English well, you will find it easy to learn Italian. Italian is the 4th most studied language in many US colleges and the demand for Italian classes are growing by the day.
Some of the top reasons why people study Italian
· Italy is a treasure trove of rich culture and heritage. It has an impressive art history. The Italian language is a must if you want to do some research on or study art, craft, history, archaeology, philosophy, and more.
· If you are a music lover, the Italian language will be a delight for you. Have you ever wondered why Mozart has composed so many of his masterpieces in Italian? If you are familiar with the Italian language, you will be able to enjoy and appreciate classical music better.
· Italy is also known for its scrumptious cuisine. It is one of the culinary leaders of the world. Knowing the language can help you enjoy authentic Italian food better.
· Italy today is one of the top economies in the world. They play host to some of the biggest brands. Many multinational companies are looking to expand their footprint into Italy. In such a scenario there is a huge demand for Italian speaking professionals.
· Italy is a hub for fashion and design. Some of the most popular fashion designers are from Italy. If you want to study fashion, knowing Italian will be an added advantage.
· Are you a movie buff who likes watching foreign language movies but have to rely on subtitles to make sense of the movie? Once you are familiar with Italian, you can watch, enjoy and appreciate Italian classic movies.
· If you have even a little bit of Italian heritage, you must learn Italian. You can trace back your roots. Nothing gives more pleasure than having a conversation in Italian with your grandparents, Italian cousins, or even friends.
· Studying a foreign language can help rewire the brain. It helps the brain develop and makes it sharper and flexible. It is also known to improve problem-solving skills and analytical thinking. It provides good exercise to the brain.
· Italian is considered to be the most romantic language in the world. It just oozes romance. It is supposed to be the language of romance, art, music, and seduction. It is a musical language with simple sounding words with a depth of meaning. It is one of the most charming languages and Italians also use hand gestures and facial expressions to match the words this enhancing the language further and effectively breaking down barriers in communication.
The above pointers should give you enough and more reason to plunge headfirst into learning the Italian language. These days, you can also learn the language online. Do some homework, pick up a course that suits you and get started immediately.
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